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The Central Highlands over Yamanashi and Nagano are located in the center of the Japanese Archipelago. Many obsidian mines were operated there during the Jomon period.
The Jomon people were fascinated with the bright obsidian flakes mined from under the ground. Besides, a variety of pottery types and dogu clay figurines have been excavated from the area. Visitors will definitely be able to develop a feeling of closeness to the Jomon people

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Exploring the Jomon Village and the obsidian mine of the Jomon period Experience the story designated as "Japan Heritage".



This video introduces the Jomon landscapes that flourished in the Yatsugatake region from 5,000 years ago. This region is host to the largest number of Jomon sites in Japan. It introduces the stunningly designed pottery and clay figurines (dogu) that showcases the symbolic worldview of these people. One can see the different villages and settlement patterns including the pit dwellings that are representative of homes during this period. One can see how the environment, landscape, and resources in the region allow the Jomon culture to flourish.



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Japan Heritage

Dig deeper to discover another Japan!
Prehistoric encounter! See the products and settlements of Jomon pottery makers in the Central Highlands over Yamanashi and Nagano.

A journey to view the potteries and obsidian mines of the Jomon people, who lived many thousands of years ago.

Cultural Agency

Heisei FY2003 "Japan Heritage Promotion Project, 2018"

<Koshin Jomon Culture Dissemination and Activation Council>


Cultural Properties Section, Cultural Property and Lifelong Learning Division Nagano Prefectural Board of Education tel: 026-235-7441

Buried Cultural Assets Group, Academic and Cultural Assets Section of the Yamanashi Prefectural Board of Education  tel: 055-223-1791

●Member municipalities

Nagano Prefecture
Chino City、 Fujimi-cho、 Hara-mura、 Suwa City、 Okaya City、 Shimosuwa-cho、 Nagawa-cho、 Kawakami-mura

Yamanashi Prefecture
Kofu City、 Hokuto City、 Nirasaki City、 Minami Alps City、 Fuefuki City、 Koshu City