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Omegura site cluster

Historic Site/Japan Heritage
This is a cluster of sites that date back to the Paleolithic age and gained fame as a groundbreaking group of obsidian mining sites from which a large number of stone tools have been excavated. The excavated stone tools exhibited in the Obsidian Museum of Archaeology offer an insight into the unique production method known as the "Omegura technique," which led to the popular and widespread distribution of obsidian. The sites are densely crowded around the Omegura River basin where mountain streams flowing from the obsidian mine converge, allowing us to visualize how the area would have looked at the time, with villages snaking up the valleys running deep through the mountains. There is a plaza in the center of the site cluster that is always crowded with people come to drink the delicious water flowing in through the obsidian dikes.
Chiisagata-gun Nagawa-machi Nagano
Historic Site/Japan Heritage