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The Hoshikuso Pass Obsidian Quarry Site

Historic Site/Japan Heritage
In the Kirigamine Highlands sits a pass with the name of Hoshikuso, which is thought to be the word for obsidian in the local dialect. The locals believed that the pieces of obsidian found in the area were fragments of twinkling stars that had fallen to Earth, but in fact they were the remains of obsidian mined by the Jomon people. Visitors to this site, which forms part of an historic park that is open to the public, can enter a quiet forest and observe in the earth's surface traces of the obsidian mined by the Jomon people. 2021 will see the opening of an outdoor exhibition facility that will offer the public a glimpse of the ground under the earth's surface. This display will give visitors an up-close view of excavations dating back 7,000 and 3,500 years discovered in a 5-meter-thick stratum of earth.
Chiisagata-gun Nagawa-machi Nagano
Historic Site/Japan Heritage