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Togariishi site

Historic Site/Japan Heritage
Togariishi site is one of the major settlements at the western foot of Yatsugatake mountain range dating the Middle Jomon Period (c. 3,500?2,500 BC). The enthusiastic work of primary school teacher and local archaeologist, Miyasaka Fusakazu (1877?1975), revealed the Togariishi Jomon settlement in the 1930s. He led the excavation projects and found 33 pit dwellings at this site before 1945. Togariishi was designated National Special Historic Site in 1952. The excavation fascinated the wider academic circle in the early days of Japanese archaeology. The investigation of No 33 pit dwelling involved a member of the Japanese royal family, Prince Mikasa Takahito (1915?2016) who was engaging with Middle Eastern Studies. In conjunction with discoveries of a large number of pit dwellings at the neighboring Middle Jomon settlement, Yosukeone site, Togariishi has been recognized as the starting point of Jomon settlement studies. Artifacts found from this site are stored and exhibited at the Chino City Togariishi Museum of Jomon Archaeology, which is located next to the site.
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Historic Site/Japan Heritage