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Jomon Activities information

Jomon Activities information

○Discovering the primitive culture of Jomon

 Let's time travel back to the origin of Japanese culture which has always been close to mother nature, and has been kept deep in the heart of the Japanese people.

○ Jomon Activities

(1)Experience life from Japan's prehistoric Jomon Era at Umenoki historical site (1day)

(2)Cooking Jomon food in reconstructed Pit Dwelling (Gibier -wild game meat)

 Tabizen (TEL: +81(0)551-45-8279、FAX: +81(0)551-45-8270)
【Price】 Ask
【Option】 Stay overnight in reconstructed Pit Dwelling, Stargazing

(3)Jomon meal in restaurant 「ZELKOVA」 Lumiere winery (Japan heritage)

 Lumiere winery (TEL: +81(0)553-47-0207、FAX: +81(0)553-47-2001)
【Price】 Ask (Market value)/English Guide +250yen

(4) Riding Electric bicycle to Umenoki historical site

 Yatsugatake Outdoor Activities (TEL: +81(0)80-4436-8423 info@y-outdoor.com)
【Price】 12,000yen/per

(5) Jomon Taxi-Yamanashi Prefectural Museum, Shakado museum of Jomon culture

 ○Hinode sightseeing corp. (TEL: +81(0)55-262-2131)※Jomon Campaign Taxi
 ○Isawa Koutsu (TEL: +81(0)55-262-3737)
 ○Isawa Taxi (TEL: +81(0)55-262-2277)
 ○Yamanashi Daiichi Koutsu Isawa (TEL: +81(0)55-224-1100)
【Price】 6,640yen/hour
【Offer capacity 】4person/1 Taxi

【Recommended route】
①Jomon & Winery route(2 hours):
Isawa Onsen station (JR) -- Shakado museum of Jomon Culture -- Winery (Kyoutou region) -- Isawa Onsen station (JR)
②Jomon route(3 hours):
 Isawa Onsen station (JR) -- Shakado museum of Jomon Culture -- Yamanashi Prefectural Archaeological Museum -- Kofu station (JR)
③Jomon route(5 hours):
Place of departure -- Kasugai Local History Museum -- Shakado museum of Jomon Culture -- Yamanashi Prefectural Museum -- Yamanashi Prefectura l Archaeological Museum -- Kofu station (JR)
④ 3 Japan Heritage route(3hours):
Place of departure -- Shakado museum of Jomon Culture -- Lumiere winery -- Daizenji Temple -- Enzan station (JR)

・Shakado museum of Jomon Culture   http://www.eps4.comlink.ne.jp/~shakado/
・Yamanashi Prefectural Archaeological Museum https://www.pref.yamanashi.jp/kouko-hak/
・Yamanashi Prefectural Museum http://www.museum.pref.yamanashi.jp/

・Vol.1 Experience Jomon from 5000 Years Ago
Click Here→https://player.vimeo.com/video/821180087?h=f48189c1ce

・Vol.2 Twinkling Starry Skies Jomon Cuisine Revival
Click Here→https://player.vimeo.com/video/821210119?h=80feb25c7f

・Vol.3 Visit Jomon Footprints on a E-Bike
Click Here→https://player.vimeo.com/video/821210839?h=d311823c6c

・Vol.4 French Cuisine with Jomon Ingredients
Click Here→https://player.vimeo.com/video/821210993?h=2b071c08c9